Espresso in Naalehu? You Bet!


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Visit our CONTACTS page to find your next cup of coffee while traveling through Naalehu making you way around Hawaii island. You can also “FOLLOW US” at  And now you can “PREVIEW US” on Yelp!


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Flyin Hawaiian Coffee is your destination in Naalehu, while in the southern region of Hawaii island for 100% Ka’u Coffee and Italian inspired espresso drinks. Drive up to the coffee truck, place your order and then enjoy the outdoor seating as you sip on your favorite specialty drink. You can also visit THE MARKETPLACE and discover how to “Give Some Liquid Aloha” or have some Flyin Hawaiian Coffee beans, apparel and more shipped directly to your door anywhere in the world—you will never be without your Flyin Hawaiian Coffee experience again.


A Celebration of Flyin’ Hawaiian Coffee

September 2016 marks the 6th Anniversary of Flyin Hawaiian Coffee!

We believe that this has become the destination that unites!  Coffee is Good!  We continue to be very thankful to all of our “regular patrons”, as well as those who gravitate to our little corner of the globe from neighboring islands, States, even other countries that have stopped by for their favorite coffee concoction while driving through Naalehu.